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Are your gutters full of leaves and debris? Get on our annual or biannual schedule for regular maintenance cleaning, or even have us install a beautiful gutter guard system to help protect your home. We can do a gutter scrub on the exterior of your gutters to remove black streaks caused by oxidation.  Or just general dirt and grime and your gutters will be beautiful again.


Keeping your gutters clean and your downspouts free of debris is extremely important to the health of your home. Clogged gutters can cause water damage (roof & foundation) and cost homeowners thousands of dollars in repairs. Not to mention it can attract insects and rodents.

Experts say that you should clean your gutters two times a year, in the spring and fall, but that depends on what kind of trees you have around your house. If you have pine trees, you probably want to do it 3 maybe even 4 times per year. The easy answer is to clean them when they need it.

"Our house looks new again! They were able to remove the black stains that covered our gutters and soffits. I didn’t realize just how dirty our house was until I saw it clean again."

Natalie M.

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Based in Garrettesville, Ohio, ECPW has been a trusted provider of superior quality gutter cleaning and repair. We offer a broad range of services, including gutter repair, downspout repair, and gutter cleaning, each delivered with meticulous attention to detail and exceptional affordability.

Why Choose Extreme Clean Power Washing?


  • Comprehensive gutter cleanout before any project begins.


  • Ensuring your gutters are tightly sealed and securely connected to your home.


  • Installation of Gutter Guards that keep out the leaves and debri.


  • Affordable pricing options that cater to every budget