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Often underestimated, pressure washing is a powerful tool for enhancing the curb appeal and longevity of your property. Our experts are experienced in tackling challenging substances such as mold and pollen, preserving the pristine appearance of your outdoor spaces. At Extreme Clean Power Washing, we prioritize the meticulous care of your property, ensuring top-notch results with a satisfaction guarantee on every project.

We are committed to offering high-quality pressure washing services at competitive prices to fit any budget. Trust us to rejuvenate the appearance of your property with our reliable and efficient cleaning methods.

Whether you know exactly what you want or need a bit of inspiration from talented, experienced cleaners, our team of experts are here to help you

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Why Choose Us for Home Power Washing Services?

At ECPW, we strive to provide you with the highest level of care. Once you schedule your appointment, we’ll take care of the rest. Our service centers around:


  • Simple scheduling: We’ll get you on and off the phone in minutes with our expedient scheduling service, and that’s all the time we’ll ask of you. We can clean your house even if you’re not present during your appointment, letting you carry on with normal activities.


  • Safe and quality cleaning: We use only the best industry equipment and environmentally safe cleansers in our work. And since our rates are based on space, not time, we’ll work as long as necessary to ensure perfection.


  • Friendly technicians: Our experts are passionate about excellent customer service and will answer any questions you have before, during, and after your appointment. Also, we will be more than happy to adjust your order to fit your needs better.


  • Satisfactory services: With our 5-star Google Review, you can trust that we’ll deliver quality results.

Our extensive services cover a wide range of cleaning jobs for homes of virtually any scale. We have in-depth experience in determining which home materials are best suited for different power washing techniques, and our knowledgeable technicians offer the following services:


Full home exteriors: Our exterior cleaning service covers many types of home materials, including houses made from brick, concrete, slate, and wood. We power wash different exteriors with the care they deserve and deliver impressive results for every job we take on.


Driveways and sidewalks: Your driveways and sidewalks play a major role in determining your home’s curb appeal. Since concrete is permeable and subject to picking up marks from foot traffic, cars, and changing seasons, it needs periodic attention to keep it looking its best. We offer our washing and sealing services for cement, pavers, and concrete.


Decks: We understand that prolonged use of decks can lead to dull surfaces and buildup. Our experienced team members have the equipment and expertise to clean your deck. Our residential pressure washing services are ideal for decks made from aluminum, composite materials, PVC, and wood.


Fences: We will take on your fence cleaning job with tools that thoroughly clean vinyl and composites. Our cleansers are gentle on surfaces yet strong on buildup, and we’ll restore your fence’s appearance to help maintain its integrity and improve your property’s curb appeal.


Patios: Rainfall and foot traffic can take a toll on your patio, allowing grime and bacteria to develop. Our expert cleaning services cover patios made out of brick, concrete, stone, tile, and wood. The ECPW team will leave behind a spotless area for your household members to enjoy.


Siding: The layered nature of home siding makes it vulnerable to collecting dust that can trap moisture — and with moisture comes moss and mildew. We make sure we get under the cracks and deliver an impressive clean on aluminum, cement, and vinyl siding.


Roofs: We use our gentle washing techniques for roofs made of asphalt shingles and slate. Our biodegradable cleansers will remove harmful organisms that lead to unsightly growths on your roof, giving your home a clean, appealing look from top to bottom.




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Extreme Clean Power Washing offers the highest quality house cleaning and home maintenance services in Geauga County, OH and surrounding areas. Our highly skilled team of professionals has the knowledge and experience necessary to complete any home project to the highest standards of quality. Customer service is our top priority and we will do everything we can to ensure your complete satisfaction. If you are interested in acquiring any of our services, contact Extreme Clean Power Washing today.